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DRUM PENDANTS: the Perfect Centerpiece
Decorative and Functional

During the process of decorating your home or business, the right lighting selection can be both practical and decorative. There are several advantages to using Drum Pendants in any room:

Accenting with Light: place a Drum Pendant of varying brightness over any spot that could use a bit of visual emphasis. Instead of diffusing the light sideways, light is directly focused in a specific area.

Functional Task Lighting: many places within a home or business need extra light for functional uses. Perhaps over a dining table, kitchen prep area or a poorly lit desk. Drum Pendants focus light on small or large areas depending on the size of the pendant.

Limited Space: Drum Pendants are the perfect solution. Floor lamps take up valuable floor space and table lamps take up useable space on desks or tables. Drum Pendants allow focused light without taking up valuable space to work and entertain.

Decorating Option: Drum Pendants are available in varying sizes and shapes as well as textures and colors.

Drum Pendants have graced many homes, offices and restaurants because they simply add a touch of class coupled with usability and versatility.

Consider Drum Pendants as not only a functional lighting option but also an accessories to your room's décor. ELK and Landmark Lighting offer artistic designs, varying shapes and sizes.

The right lighting solution not only gives light—it can accentuate your style and makes a room simply beautiful.

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